5 Secrets of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

I believe that if everyone got enough sleep, the world would be a better place. We’d be less rushed on the way to work, more calm throughout the day, and our sleep happy brains would think clearly and work through problems better.

The science to getting enough sleep… isn’t exactly science. Much of it is common sense, but the busy lives we lead these days, common sense often takes a back seat to just getting through the day. What happens at night is an afterthought!

Most people work best with about 8 hours of sleep. Teenagers need a little bit more, and older adults needs a little less. But how can you make the most of those hours between the evening and morning? Here are what I call the 5 secrets to getting a good nights sleep.

Clear Your Mind.
There are many different ways to clear your mind before going to sleep. Some people find that making a to do list for the next days activities is a great way to go to bed feeling prepared and ready. Others find a spiritual or contemplative approach works best, and such, work with prayer, meditation, or even visualization to clear their minds. Additionally, laying out your clothes and doing anything necessary the night before to prepare for the day ahead, such as packing your lunch, will clear your head before bed.

Keep The Lights Off.
We evolved to sleep in darkness and you will sleep better with a dark bedroom. Keeping the door cracked or even the use of night lights can proof distracting. If any light at all really bothers you, check out the lights out sleep mask, a mask designed to fit around the shape of the eyes and bridge of the nose that effectively blocks out all light.

Experiment With Different Temperatures.
To try and save money on your power bill, you might be tempted to turn down the heat at night to levels that are uncomfortable without a blanket. This is not an ideal sleeping environment most. Experiment with different temperature levels and see if you actually sleep much better in a warmer room than a colder one.

Keep Distractions At Bay Using a Sound Machine.
A sound machine is an excellent tool for priming the mind that it’s ready for bed while also blocking out random sounds from outside your bedroom. A simple Conair Sound Machine costing less than $20 will do the trick for most people. If you have more expensive tastes, check out the sound machines from Brookstone that cost around $100 and deliver excellent quality sounds in a clever design.

Finally, Replace Your Mattress As Needed.
It’s easy to get so used to the shape and softness or our mattress that there’s no clear moment where you think “wow, I need a new mattress.” How to solve this problem? If you suspect it might be time for a change, visit a mattress store and test out a few beds. If you have an immediate reaction to how much more comfortable one of these mattresses are, then you know it’s time for a replacement! Personally, I like to replace mine about every 5 years.

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