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SleepBetterLiveBetter is designed and written for people who don’t get enough good quality sleep – for whatever reason.

Sleep is the body’s natural recharging time and without it our mental and physical health suffers.  It sounds simple but if insomnia is a problem, snoring or sleep apnea mean you or your partner don’t sleep well, or you have a baby that keeps you awake, life can be very difficult.

The main writer (Admin) for the site is a nurse with over 20 years’ experience in clinical nursing and has been writing for nursing, medical and consumer magazines for more than 10 years.

Guest posts are written by contributers.

Unless otherwise stated we only use information from official medical sources so you can be sure that the information here is up to date and accurate.

Get in touch by email: frontdesk (at) sleepbetterlivebetter.net.  We look forward to hearing from you.