Chin Straps for Snoring and Sleep Apnea.

Like nasal strips for snoring, chin straps are a simple device that aim to correct the snorer’s anatomy at night to stop or reduce the problem.

They fit over the head and under the chin so that the mouth is held closed and in some cases, the chin may be pulled forward a little.  So, while they’re not very sexy, they may be a little more attractive than the noise of snoring!

The cause of snoring is the vibration of the soft palate and uvula at the back of the mouth. Sleep apnea happens when the soft palate and/or tongue (perhaps along with the tonsils if they’re enlarged) block the airway and you stop breathing.

If the nose is congested because of a problem in its anatomy or because you have allergies or an infection the air can’t pass through it easily and the mouth falls open as you sleep.  Nasal strips, sprays or anti snoring nasal dilators may be useful for this and it’s not a good idea to use an anti snoring chin strap if this is the problem.

My Snoring Solutions anti snoring chin strap. Click the photo for more info.

My Snoring Solutions.

  • Keeps the jaw in the correct position to prevent snoring
  • Buy one get one free – ideal for 2 snorers or to use one and have one in the wash
  • Light weight
  • Users say it’s comfortable to wear
  • Clinical trial in Japan shows that a chin strap prevents snoring and sleep apnea
  • My Snoring Solutions is an affiliate – click the picture for more information and to order.

Nellcor snoring chin strap.

Some chinstraps are made from stretchy material so they’re easy to fit but are also tight fitting to make them effective.  Examples are the Nellcor Chin Strap or the MySnoringSolutions chin strap.

Others are adhesive and stick to the face to keep the jaw/mouth closed.  Examples of these are the Chin-Up Strap or Snore Seal.

snore ender.

The Snorender also uses acupressure and magnetic therapy to reduce snoring.

They’re compact if you’re travelling or want to tuck them away in your nightstand.

You may find you’re more wakeful than normal for the first few nights’ wear but most users say they soon get used to the strap or adhesive strips.

DO NOT use these devices if you have a blocked nose – even if you’re normally a mouth snorer and develop a cold.

Snore Seal

Do chin straps work for snoring?

The answer will partly depend on the cause of your snoring and partly on the device itself.  Everyone’s anatomy is a little different so other solutions such as anti snoring pillows or sleep apnea mouthpieces may work where chin straps don’t.

Elspeth Raisbeck

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