Health Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

Health, sleep and meditation.  Try it now.In the 1960s, transcendental meditation was the rave of the hippies. Hippies believed in the benefits of this new fad. Apparently after forty or so years, the hippies are proven right.

Science is now seeing the potential of this revolutionary way of promoting wellness and health by inducing a state of relaxation. When meditating, the mind becomes transcended towards thoughts that have been translated towards pure consciousness. This often leads to better health and the breakdown of mental boundaries where proponents say can lead to better sleep. Here are some of the reported health benefits of using transcendental meditation.

Better sleep

People that are not getting enough sleep often show symptoms of anxiety. If you are one of those millions that are suffering from anxiety and stress, TM can benefit you greatly.

woman sleepingScientific studies have shown that TM gives the mind greater ability to focus and make it less distracted. This translates to better performance in school or at work.

TM has been able to remove mental backlogs that often prevent people to get a restful sleep. Thus having a deeper and more restful sleep at night makes the mind calmer and together with this comes less strain on the mind.

Clearer thinking

Current research suggests that TM has become as effective as other health treatments that are available. The only difference is that it is free and natural. Since it is devoid of any side effects that may come with the use of synthetic drugs it is a safer and viable alternative to some therapies.

Regular practice of TM has been shown to be effective in improving both long and short-term memory. This is linked to the mind being fresher and more alert which are products of great sleep.

A deeply rested mind allows it to function better and more coherent which leads to better memory, focus and concentration.

Healthier heart

Anxiety and stress are known to have a strange way to impact the heart’s health and without quality sleep it can spell disaster.

The increased activity in the sympathetic nervous system causes the increased production of stress-related hormones like cortisone and adrenaline. The increased levels of stress hormones make the heart to beat faster in turn causing the blood pressure to rise. This has a domino effect throughout the cardiovascular system.

It is a good thing that TM can lower the activity of the sympathetic nervous system which reduces the stress-hormone levels. This reduces high blood pressure and lowers heart rate which are also some of the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Happier mind

happyIf you Google TM you will find more than 26,000 articles purportedly saying how wonderful meditation is in promoting better health. One of the biggest benefits of regularly practicing TM is having a happier mind.

A study jointly conducted by Charles Drew University and the University of Hawaii suggests that TM can significantly reduce depression symptoms.

Hippies in the sixties used TM to help them put things into perspective which often leads to having peace of mind, better sleep and happiness. It is only now that science has realized that when it comes to a healthy mind nothing beats good sleep and calmness towards better mental health.

Improved immunity

A study published by the Marshfield Clinic showed the relationship of mind-body therapies and the rate of recovery of patients due to better immunity catalyzed by regular practice of transcendental meditation. The study noted that the key factor in the recovery was meditation that helped people overcome stress which also influenced their immune system.

Better sleep means there is less strain in the immune system which can also lead to lowered inflammation levels. We all know that TM has a significant impact when it comes to providing quality sleep.

The findings will definitely convince all and sundry that meditating indeed has a lot to offer for health and wellness. It is best to engage in meditation today through classes which may lead you to better health and mind tomorrow.

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