More Natural Ways to Stop Snoring.

People who joke about snoring probably don’t live with the problem – either as the snorer, waking with bruises and an angry partner, or as the tired and angry partner.

Although snoring is caused by the same or similar anatomical problems, the cures for snoring are varied and no one treatment works for everyone.  Here are a few drug-free solutions.

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  1.  Avoid alcohol and sleeping pills.  These decrease the brain’s drive to make you breathe so will make you more likely to snore.  In addition, where muscles and soft tissues are more relaxed, there’s more chance that the soft palate and uvula will partially block the top of the throat.  Air trying to get past this blockage as you breathe is what causes the snoring.
  2. Lose some weight.  No one every likes to be told to lose weight but if you can lose about 10% of your body weight you could reduce or stop snoring.  People who carry their weight round their stomach and neck are more likely to be snorers and you will feel better and sleep better too.
  3. Lie on your side.  Your sleeping position could also contribute to your snoring problem.  Sleeping on your back, or on your side with the head wrongly aligned can also mean that the soft tissues, uvula and tongue block or partially block the breathing passage. Sleep apnea pillows are designed so that you can sleep in the best position and with the head and neck aligned so that the airway stays open.
  4. Nasal congestion can also mean that the mouth falls open when you sleep as you try to draw air in easily.  Inhaling steam before bedtime can help to clear the nasal passages so sit for about 5-10 minutes leaning over a bowl of hot water and with a towel over your head.  A couple of menthol crystals will also open the airways and clear mucus in the nose.
  5. Nasal congestion can happen for a number of reasons (the anatomy of the nose, infection such as a cold or allergies that cause the nasal tissues to swell) so if this is an ongoing problem, nasal strips for snoring can help.  Also, if you suspect this is due to allergies, talk to your doctor who will be able to suggest solutions.

Drug-free remedies for snoring are always a good place to start in the quest for a quiet night’s sleep.

Elspeth Raisbeck

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