Take Away the Stress of a Bad Night’s Sleep

Take Away the Stress of a Bad Night's SleepA good night’s sleep is one of life’s luxuries that everyone is entitled to. However not everyone, including you who’s reading it, may be enjoying such a night and when that happens, being depressed is not too far from you. You have always heard how a good night’s sleep helps you lose weight, repair muscles and damaged tissues, relax, rest, balance your bodily functions, feel better and happier.

So the question now is, what should you do to get a good night’s sleep? Here’s how.

Make your bed a place to sleep.

Sometimes it takes a place good enough to make you sleep. Instead of making your bed a place for work e.g. that’s where you do your homework, some of your paper works or just anything not related to sleeping, make it a place to sleep instead. Make your room conducive enough to help you sleep. Don’t eat at your bed or else your body (or much likely, your brain) would think of it as a place to eat or a place to work and that could be a very bad habit. In the end, it would only give you a hard time sleeping at night.

Make a schedule when you need to sleep at night.

Having an erratic schedule, like sleeping with no definite time, can do terrible things at the way you work yourself to sleep. Remember that our body has its own natural clock and not setting it up right might mess up how the whole system works. Try setting up a definite time for you to get some sleep and stick to it. You’ll find that over time, practicing this habit will make you fall asleep easy once your body clock gets used to your sleeping schedule.

Avoid caffeine or any alcohol before bedtime.

Most of us sure love to take coffee. Take it black, sweetened or creamed, it won’t matter much as long as it’s one of the reasons you’re not getting enough sleep. Better take coffee in the morning hours of the day and avoid having so much of it in the afternoon. Caffeine pumps up adrenaline in your blood so it keeps you alert and up. Consuming coffee in the later part of the day like afternoons and evenings might make you up until late at night. Also, taking alcohol or a bed time glass of it is not good since it keeps you alert for a time actually destroys you’re natural body clock.

Avoid watching or reading too much before bed.

Watching too much TV before bed, reading a book in your bed or leaving your computer on at night are enough to disrupt your night for a possible chance of good sleep. You need to free your mind of thoughts before you can sleep away. Watching, reading or just using your computer for a time is likely to conjure up images in your head that would make sleeping harder for you to do.

When it’s cool at night, sleep on.

Or when it’s hot, make it a point to cool your room. Our body naturally relaxes in sleep when the temperature drops low. Just think about it: you feel hot and sweaty when you are alert while you feel sleepy and droopy when you feel cool. So that explains why a cool shower and a glass of water at night is enough to make you feel snugly in your bed.

Take power naps but not too-long naps.

A 20-minute power nap during the day is acceptable but taking naps more than the 20-minute limit may be the reason for disrupting your sleep at night. In the most simpler of terms, sleeping during the day decreases the possibility of you getting a good night sleep because you are likely to sleep late or be up most of the night.

Keep yourself in the sun in the morning and shut it out at night.

There’s a very good reason why mornings are so sunny while nights are cold and dark as is. Make sure you keep yourself as much in the light in the morning and keep your bed in dim light at night. Keeping blinding lights in your room while you sleep will wake you. Or maybe not blinding but enough to get your eyes waking up because your brain thought it’s already waking time. Make sure your bed also faces the windows where the sun comes up so when you need a natural alarm clock to wake you, the sun’s rays will do.

Now, you can actually do exercise during the day keep you alert. It makes up for the coffee and actually helps you keep off napping time frequently because it pumps up more blood and adrenaline in your body and brain. Besides, exercise and sleep are good together because it is in sleep where your body repairs and fix those damaged tissues and muscles. So if you want to sleep well and keep stress off you every night, just follow these tips and practice them. In no time, you will feel better at night and cozy with your sleep time.

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