What Are The Benefits of a Sleep Number Bed?

What is a Sleep Number Bed?

Mattresses are commonly either made from coiled steel springs or foam (there are other materials but these are the most popular).  A sleep number bed is different.  Its mattress is made of air pockets that can be adjusted to maximise your individual comfort.

These air pockets are controlled by a remote-controlled pump which adjusts the firmness or softness of the mattress.  And if you and your bed partner like different levels of firmness and support? Simple.  The dual chamber sleep number bed allows you to choose how firm you like your mattress and s/he can choose hers/his.

Use the remote control to adjust the number from zero – very soft – to 100 – very firm.  Your preference will depend on your sleeping style and position, your weight and height and can be changed at any time as your needs or preferences vary.

What are the benefits of the sleep number bed?

Aside from being able to adjust the comfort level for your own needs, there are a few more reasons that a sleep number bed might help you sleep better.

  1. If you struggle to get to sleep or stay asleep because of discomfort on a conventional mattress, a sleep number bed could be ideal.  Medical problems such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain or Multiple Sclerosis can cause severe discomfort at night and poor quality or lack of sleep will make waking symptoms more difficult to deal with.
  2. If your bed partner is significantly different in weight to you (lighter or heavier) you won’t experience the roll-together that traditional mattresses give.  This roll-together, where you meet in the middle of the bed whether you want to or not, is also a symptom of a worn out mattress.  If this is happening to you, look at our guide that will help you decide if you need a new mattress/bed.
  3. Motion transfer is the term given to the movement one bed partner feels when the other partner moves.  Many couples complain that their partner’s movement in bed at night disturbs them and this can affect the quality of sleep you experience.  Because of its construction, a sleep number bed doesn’t allow this to happen so your sleep will be undisturbed by your partner’s nocturnal moving.
  4. Pregnant women often say that the sleep number bed helps them get good quality sleep when their pregnancy is at its most uncomfortable.
  5. They are easy to assemble.
  6. Many brands are hypoallergenic (check with the manufacturer/retailer about the use of antifungal and antimicrobial agents in production of the bed), so ideal if you have allergies that also stop you from sleeping well.
  7. Some models let you raise the foot of the bed so if you have problems with circulation this may be good for you but consult your doctor or specialist first.
  8. They’re user-friendly.

How much do sleep number beds cost?

The cost will vary with:

  • Size
  • Whether you buy a bed base as well as the mattress
  • Where you buy (so look on the internet and use price comparison sites)
  • Whether you also buy accessories such as pillows, bedding etc.

But a range of between $1000 to $5000 would not be unusual.

If you think a sleep number bed is will help you then look for:

  • A retailer with experience in helping you choose the right bed for your needs – not one who just wants to sell a bed.
  • A good warranty of up to 20 years shows that the manufacturer has faith in the product.
  • Also look for a retailer who offers you a money-back or free 30 day trial.  On a product needing this level of investment, a seller should consider this a reasonable request from a customer.
  • A manufacturer with high standards of production (this will be reflected in the price) and use antifungal and antimicrobial agents during the production process.  Select Comfort is one such manufacturer.

What are the problems with sleep number beds?

  • The most common ‘problem’ with the sleep number bed is finding the right adjustment for you.  As one number doesn’t fit all (but that’s why you bought one) this will take a little trial and error.
  • On a practical level, avoid having or using sharp objects on the bed in case they should puncture the air pockets, although this is unlikely.
  • Some users report poor heat loss from the bed (when you get hot the bed gets hot and seems to retain heat) which won’t be comfortable in warm climates or if you tend to overheat in bed.
  • This can also lead to the growth of mould and bacteria on the mattress.  This is why we’ve highlighted the need for a quality product that uses fungicide/bactericide in its production (see above).
  • The bed number system can sometimes fail so a warranty is essential.

For more information about choosing the right bed for you, look at this article.

Elspeth Raisbeck

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